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SUM Javaonly update on Dual Stack

SAP recommends using SUM tool for updates or upgrades, and at the same time they support SPAM and SAINT tools for updating ABAP stack. Using SPAM/SAINT is faster (and at the same time time tested method we all are comfortable with). As long as SAP continues supporting SPAM/SAINT, Basis admins are more likely to use it.

For J2EE stack, SAP has discontinued support of updating using using JSPM. Therefore patching J2EE can only be done using SUM.

In case of Dual Stack, because JSPM is not supported, J2EE can only be updated using SUM. You would still prefer to update the ABAP part using SPAM/SAINT. But you cannot patch ABAP and then start up SUM with default options to patch J2EE.

SUM Javaonly update on Dual Stack

It will error out on the ABAP side of SUM.

To patch J2EE on Dual Stack system, you can start SUM using the following option:
STARTUP javaonly

With this option, SUM will not patch ABAP stack and will only patch the J2EE patch.

The advantage? One can patch ABAP using SPAM/SAINT and then patch J2EE using SUM, eliminating the need for shadow instance and speeding up effort spent on SPS updates.

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