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Fixing Inconsistent Table - Table activation fails due to inconsistency between DD and DB

If you find a table to be available on the database, but not active in ABAP dictionary, try calling SE14 as DDIC user, enter the table name and choose Table > Reconstruct, Execute. If this method fails follow these steps:

  1. Call transaction code SE37 and execute the function module DD_TABL_ACTM with single test
  2. On the next screen, do not change any other field except the following and set them as shown below:
    • MODE: 12
    • TABNAME: <enter the correct table name>
  3. Click on Execute
  4. The export parameter ACT_RESULT should show 0.
To verify if the inconsistency is fixed, call transaction SE14 > Extras > Database Object > Check and  SE14 > Extras > Runtime object > Check.

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