Increasing R3trans and tp trace levels for SUM

If R3trans or tp runs in SUM fail and you want to troubleshoot it, you can try increasing the trace level to check the details on f the he failure. For R3trans: 1. Go to folder .../SUM/abap/tmp. 2. Create a text file named R3trans_trc_desc with the one-line content below. level:4 3. Retry the step in SUM to generate log files again. 4. Go back to chek the new log files with more detailed information For tp: 1. Go to folder .../SUM/abap/tmp. 2. Create a text file named tp_trc_desc with the one-line content below. level:4 3. Retry the step in SUM to generate log files again. 4. Go back to chek the new log files with more detailed information  Remove these files after the issue is reproduced. Leaving the trace level high will slow down the upgrade or update.

SUM MailNotifier - Get email notifications when SUM tool is waiting for user input

Starting with SUM 1.0 SP 18, SAP has delivered a client program MailNotifierApp.jar that connects with the host agent and triggers emails when SUM is waiting for a user input. MailNotifier has to run on a host that can connect to both SUM using HTTP(S) and SMTP mail server. This host can be your PC, Primary Application Server where SUM is running or any host that fulfills these conditions. In order to use MailNotifier Extract SUM tool and go to SUM\ABAP\mailNotifier. Copy MailNotifierApp.jar (application) and MailNotifierApp.props (properties file) to the host which can connect to SUM and SMTP server. Update MailNotifierApp.props file with appropriate parameter values. Start MailNotifier using the following command java –jar MailNotifierApp.jar properties=<path-to-MyMailNotifierApp.props-file> (or) java –jar MailNotifierApp.jar sum.sid=SID sum.user=sidadm You will be prompted to provide passwords The tool will try to connect with SUM and send a test email.

Choosing own schema name with SUM DMO procedure

When performing the DMO procedure with SUM, if you want to change the target schema name, set the following parameter in <path to SUM>/abap/bin/SAPup_add.par /migrate/AskTargetDBUSER=1 SUM will offer you a separate dialog to enter the schema name. The name will not get the suffix SAP.

How to bypass SSL security warning from Chrome - badidea

If you are hitting something by IP and get a cert warning in Chrome, you can type "badidea" to bypass it quickly.

What is an SAP Instance?

An instance is a unit that can (and has to) be started and stopped as a whole. It is made up of several OS Processes, memory areas used by individual process and shared by all the processes, and files. Primary and Additional Application Servers The business logic is executed in an SAP instance. It can be an ABAP instance (logic is executed by work processes) or Java instance (logic is executed by application threads in a server node) An SAP system can be made up of several such instances. The first instance is called Primary Application Server (it used to be called Central Instance). Instances after PAS, that can execute business logic, are called Additional Application Servers (it used to be called as Dialog Instances) Central Services To keep track of which instance is up and is least loaded, SAP uses a Message Server. So if a logon is made via Message Server, it checks which instance is least used and logs the user on to that server. You can group the type of users, provi

Install and explore HANA on your laptop - HANA Express Edition

SAP has been providing the developer edition for developers/admins and ISVs to learn HANA. Although it is free, you needed to pay the service fee to AWS or Microsoft Azure. Now SAP has released a version of SAP HANA - SAP HANA Express Edition - that you can install on personal computer, small server or in the cloud. You can use the applications that you develop on this edition both for production and non-production scenarios, unlike Developer Edition which was available for non-productive use alone. The express edition, however, restricts access to some of  the feature such as smart data streaming, system replication, remote data synchronization and smart data integration. The express edition is free for use up to 32 GB of memory, and is extensible to 128 GB by paying license fee. It is supported on Windows (SAP ships it with a VM), Mac OS X (VM again) and Linux. You can also run express edition on small Intel servers running on SLES or RHEL. When using on cloud, you have pay

No UP2 workprocess required for SAP BW

Today I learned that you can avoid using UP2 work process on an SAP BW system. UP2 work process is used for statistical updates. In a NetWeaver ABAP Application Server, if you do not use a UP2 work process, its functions are taken over by UPD process. Given that the data is not written in to the BW database as frequently as in the case of a  transactional system, UPD process is not so much loaded. Therefore you can stop worrying about contention on UPD work process and let it perform UP2's job.