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SAP Administration - Practical Guide

by Sebastian Schreckenbach

A practical guide to commonly performed system administrator tasks, this book provides you with concrete and detailed instructions on how to perform both routine and special activities, using step-by-step instructions and hundreds of screenshots. In addition, the appendices provide you with lists of transaction codes, help topics, and SAP Notes. This book serves as an up-to-date resource based on release 7.0/7.1 of NetWeaver AS ABAP.

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SAP Solution Manager (3rd Edition)

by Marc Schafer

SAP Solution Manager has quickly become one of the most important and all-encompassing tools needed by clients today. But what can it really do for you? How can it help you with project implementation or operation of the final solution? What is important for users to know, whether they are an administrator or project team member? What functions has SAP expanded in the new 7.1 release, or developed from scratch?

The answers to these and many other questions can be found in this book. The authors discuss every functional area of SAP Solution Manager, explain its features, and use screenshots to illustrate the many aspects of the software. Whether you are interested in implementation and documentation; maintenance and testing; or monitoring, technical operation, and management problems, after reading this book, you will understand what SAP Solution Manager can do for you!

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SAP Database Administration with Oracle

by Michael Höding

This book provides administrators with essential information on Oracle databases as well as their interaction with SAP systems. First, you'll learn how best to plan or extend an effective, secure system landscape. The authors show you how to analyze and optimize the performance of hardware, operating system, database, and SAP system as well as which parameters and tools you can use to monitor them. An entire chapter deals with the critical aspects of backup, recovery, and restore, describing different data backup concepts, BR*Tools, the Oracle Recovery Manager, and various backup strategies in detail. In addition, the authors tackle advanced topics, such as Java and SAP NetWeaver BI.

By bridging the gap between basic background knowledge and real-life instruction, this book assists you in solving concrete administration problems, structuring the operation of your system to achieve higher performance, and improving data security and availability.

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SAP Performance Optimization Guide (6th Edition)

by Thomas Schneider

With this benchmark work on SAP performance, you'll be prepared for any and all day-to-day problems. Detailed, real-life examples describe the performance analysis of SAP systems and the implementation of effective tuning measures. Whether the issue is with hardware, ABAP/Java programs, or database access, you ll learn about potential performance bottlenecks, along with corresponding instructions and valuable tips provided directly from support professionals at SAP. This new edition has been fully revised, updated and significantly extended.

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