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301 Redirect Using SAP Web Dispatcher

301 redirects are typically used to redirect accesses that include www to non-www or vice-versa. Example, when you call, the call is redirected to An end-user may prefer to call a URL in any manner. You must ensure that all these calls are redirected to relevant URLs with content.

SAP web dispatcher can be configured to send a redirect (301) to the client.

To enable redirection add icm/HTTP/redirect_<xx> to the web dispatcher's profile file. The parameter uses the following syntax:
icm/HTTP/redirect_<xx> = PREFIX=<URL prefix>[, FROM=<pattern for URL>, FROMPROT=<incoming protocol>, FOR=<pattern for host name:port>,TO=<new URL prefix>, PROT=<protocol>, HOST=<host>, PORT=<port number/name>]
Let's say you want to redirect all the HTTP requests on on 80 port to on HTTPS 443 port

icm/HTTP/redirect_0 = PREFIX=/, FROM=*, FROMPROT=http,, PROT=https, PORT=443

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