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SUM Error: Could not detect AS Java release

This post discusses various known issues and solutions to deal with the following error when running Software Upgrade Manager (SUM):

Could not detect AS Java release.
Return code condition success evaluated to false
for process /usr/sap/<SID>/<INST>/j2ee/cluster/bootstrap/scripts/
for action ACTION_VERSION.

Using DEFAULT configuration fro web methods protection

  1. Edit DEFAULT.PLF file from /usr/sap/(SID)/SYS/profile and set configuration: service/protectedwebmethods = DEFAULT
  2. Restart all the SAP instances (including sapstartsrv) and retry the failed step.

Replace the scripts

  1. Download the latest SERVERCORE.SCA patch file from service market place.
  2. Extract from SERVERCORE.SCA/DEPLOYARCHIVES with an archiver.
  3. Extract the following files from
  4. Go to /usr/sap/[SID]/[INSTANCE]/j2ee/j2ee/cluster/bootstrap/scripts directory and backup all the launcher.* and version.* files.
  5. Copy the files from step 3 to this location.
  6. Ensure that the files have execute permissions against <sid>adm user (run the command chmod +x *.sh *.csh if the execute permissions are missing)

Apply latest patch of SAP JVM

The runs the script, which in turn launches the tool jstart. If there is any issue with the JVM, the tool won't start and the determination of engine release fails. One known solution is to apply the latest SAP JVM,

To troubleshoot any further, you have to tun manually, check dev_server<X> files or the latest traces in work folder.

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