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Preparing SOAP Axis Adapter Libraries SDA for SAP PI

Axis stands for Apache eXtensible Interaction System. It is a toolkit that allows to quickly convert a JAVA programs to web services. SAP PI allows you to use the Axis framework in the SOAP adapter.

To be able to use SOAP Axis Adapter, the SAP PI system should have the mandatory libraries deployed. To find out if the libraries are installed, call the URL http://<hostname>:<port>/XIAxisAdapter/MessageServlet

<hostname> is the PI server host
<port> is the HTTP port of the J2EE engine.

This page (../XIAxisAdapter/MessageServlet) will provide links to the jar files required. Check SAP Note 1028961 to see if the jar files have any recommended successors.

Download all the required jar files in to a folder.

Library JARs packaged for Apache Axis for Axis Adapter

Download sdaMakerTool.jar from SAP note 1028961 and start it using the command java -jar sdaMakerTool.jar

Select the release of your XI / PI system
From the drop down menu select the aii_af_jmsproviderlib.sda for XI 3.0 / PI 7.0 or for PI 7.1 and higher
For PI 7.11 and higher select the option don't use SAP XI 3RD PARTY SCA
Specify the folder in which the jar files are stored (as input)
Specify the folder in which you want the sda file to be generated

Preparing SOAP Axis Adapter Libraries SDA for SAP PI

Click on Start button and when the creation of the sda file completes, you get the following prompt

Axis Provider Library SDA File

You can now deploy the sda file using telnet tool or SUM.

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