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Deploying .ear files

The standard deployment tool JSPM does not have an option to deploy a .ear file. The requirements to deploy ear files on SAP NetWeaver JAVA can be met using alternative tools:

Using Telnet

  1. Call the telnet tool using the following command
    telnet localhost 5NN08 (Replace NN with the instance number. Example if your instance number is 00, the telnet port will be 50008)
  2. You will be prompted for username/password, logon with a J2EE admin user (ex: J2EE_ADMIN or Administrator)
  3. List down the server nodes using the following
  4. Take note of a server node and jump to any server node using the following
    jump <server node> (Usually jump 0)
  5. Go to deploy application
    add deploy
  6. Deploy the ear file
    deploy <full path to ear file> on_deploy_error=stop
You can also use guiconsole script located at /usr/sap/<SID>/J<nr>/j2ee/console. This script connects to telnet port and deploys the file.

Using Deploy Script

  1. Change your directory to the location where deploy scripts are available
    cd /usr/sap/<SID>/J<nr>/j2ee/deployment/scripts
  2. Run the deploy command <user>:<password>@<host>:<P4 port> <full path to ear file> (Ex: j2ee_admin:password@saphost:50004 /usr/sap/myapp.ear)

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