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SAP Java Server Node Not Starting

If the java server node is not starting up check the bootstrap properties. If you see the following, set the environment variable LDR_CNTRL to USERREGS.

JVMCI200 - ERROR: User register saving is not enabled, Garbage Collection could be incorrect.
JVMCI200 - ERROR: because of this the JVM library is explicitly aborting the process
JVMCI200 - ERROR: You must either rebuild the executable using "-bM:UR"
JVMCI200 - ERROR: or run with "export LDR_CNTRL=USERREGS"

You can set the environment variable using the command 'export LDR_CNTRL=USERREGS' or 'setenv  LDR_CNTRL USERREGS' in UNIX depending on the shell used.
USERREGS enables user register saving when system calls are made by the JVM.

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