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How to Improve Firefox Performance

The performance of Firefox can be improved by simply defragmenting its data files.
By adding a script to run every time you start your computer, you can keep the files defragmented.

Download sqlite from and place it in C:\Windows folder.

Open notepad and copy these lines into it. Replace <YOUR_USER_ID> and <YOUR_PROFILE_FOLDER> with the actual values relevant to your system:

cd C:\Documents and Settings\<YOUR_USER_ID>\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\<YOUR_PROFILE_FOLDER>
for %%i in (*.sqlite) do @echo VACUUM; | sqlite3 %%i

Save the file with .bat extension.

Create a shortcut to the batch file and place it in startup folder C:\Documents and Settings\<YOUR_USER_ID>\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

Now every time you start your computer this batch script will run and defragment the Firefox data files.

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