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Installing and Configuring SAP Web Dispatcher for SAP XI

Most installations begin with one application instance. If the instance number is NN, the http port will be 5NN000. With time, you may require more number of instances to scale with the growing requirements with increasing message volume. If you have installed an additional application instance MM, the instance listens to http requests on 5MM000 port. Most of your existing configuration would have been set to use 5NN000 http port.

In order to balance load between instances NN and MM, you require a web dispatcher (WD) and update your configuration to use the WD.

Before you install the WD, check SAP note 908097 to verify which release is supported for the release of the application installed.

Extract the CAR files in a new directory where you want to install the web dispatcher and call this command
sapwebdisp -bootstrap
You will be prompted to give inputs

  • Host name of the server where Message server instance runs (rdisp/mshost)
  • Message server's HTTP port (ms/http_port: 81<Instance Number of the Message Server>)
  • SAP Web Dispatcher instance number (SAPSYSTEM: Choose a desired instance number for WD)
  • Desired SAP Web Dispatcher HTTP port (icm/server_port_0: Choose a desired port number for WD)

If you are installing the WD for a dual-stack system, the message server HTTP port and host should point to the ABAP central services instance and not SCS. For example: If the central instance ABAP is 02 and SCS intance is 01, ms/http_port will be 8102.

The bootstrap will not configure SSL on WD. This has to be done separately.

We will now focus on the configuration changes required when you are using WDs to load blance on an XI system.

Call the exchange profile and update the following parameters to WD's host and port.

Update the Pipeline URL in the Business System's details in SLD to http://<Hostname of WD>:<WD HTTP port>/sap/xi/engine?type=entry. This will be the URL of the Integration Engine to which the Adapter Engine will send the messages. You can also change the URL using SXMB_ADM --> Integration Engine Configuration.

Go to Visual Administrator --> Global Configuration tab --> Server --> Services --> SAP XI AF CPA Cache and change the following parameters to point to the WD:

  • SLD.selfregistration.hostName
  • SLD.selfregistration.httpPort
  • SLD.selfregistration.httpsPort

This will be the URL of the Adpater Engine to which the Integration Engine will send the messages.

Call transaction SLDAPICUST and change the host and port to those of WD. Call Visual Admin and navigate to Data Supplier service. Change the HTTP connection details to use WD. These changes will ensure that the data sent to SLD is load balanced. If you are using SLD of another system (say ABC), do not change these values to use the WD you are installing now. Change it to use the WD of ABC or leave it unchanged.

Edit the HTTP destination INTEGRATION_DIRECTORY_HMI using transaction SM59 and change the connection details to use WD.

Delete Adapter Engine cache from SXI_CACHE transaction and restart the Java cluster to activate the changes.

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