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How To Check For Unlimited Strength or Unrestricted Jurisdiction Policy Files

When you install or update JDK, the default jurisdiction policy files are installed. These files allow limited cryptography. Your applications may require you to install unrestricted versions of these files (local_policy.jar and US_export_policy.jar).

To check if you are using unrestricted version or not, copy these files from <JDK_HOME>/jre/lib/security to a temporary location and use these commands

jar -xvf <path to jar files>/local_policy.jar
jar -xvf <path to jar files>/US_export_policy.jar

Read default_local.policy and default_US_export.policy to find out the jurisdiction policy that is being used. If you see the following entry in the files, you are using unrestricted version.

grant {  permission javax.crypto.CryptoAllPermission; };

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