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My SAP HANA Bookmarks

Here is a list of online resources relevant to SAP Basis support for SAP HANA. I will keep adding to this list as I discover more. Leave a comment if you would like to have something reviewed and added.

My SAP HANA Bookmarks

Basics of HANA

Hardware, H/W Configuration, Sizing and Pricing

SAP HANA Installation and Configuration Guides


Publications and presentations by Dr Bjarne Berg - Links to a lot of SAP Insider ppts. I found HANA 2014 A to Z Guide very useful. Did not go through all the ppts.

[Stay tuned, more to come...]


  1. Chris Pauxtis, Sheldon Edelstein, Tom Chelednik and Derek Johnson explain various topics around BPC on HANA including value prop, architecture, migration, lessons learned, roadmap etc

  2. Matt Kangas, technical expert at SAP and member of CSA team, discussed details how to set up and use SLT with HANA. This session also shares best practice information and is must view for those looking to use SLT and need more information.


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