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Automating Frontend Configuration of SAP Fiori

The configuration of SAP Fiori is a painstaking process. On the front end system (where the gateway is used) you have to perform several tasks to activate Odata capabilities.

Automating Frontend Configuration of SAP Fiori

You can automate most of those tasks using transaction STC01. With SAP NetWeaver 7.4 SPS 10, SAP has added tasks to automate OData and HTTP (ICF) services.

Following are the task available on STC01 to perform Fronend setup:
  1. SAP_FIORI_LAUNCHPAD_INIT_SETUP - To activate launchpad OData and HTTP services on an SAP Gateway system (frontend)
  2. SAP_SAP2GATEWAY_TRUSTED_CONFIG - To create a trusted connection from an SAP system to SAP Gateway.
  3. SAP_GATEWAY_ADD_SYSTEM -  To connect an SAP system (backend) to an SAP Gateway system (frontend).
  4. SAP_GATEWAY_ADD_SYSTEM_ALIAS - To create a system alias for an existing remote function call destination (to backend).
  5. SAP_GATEWAY_ACTIVATE_ODATA_SERV - To activate multiple OData services. OData services are required to initially set up the SAP Fiori Launchpad and the SAP Fiori Launchpad designer.
  6. SAP_BASIS_ACTIVATE_ICF_NODES - To activate multiple HTTP Services (ICF). The SAP Fiori Launchpad uses the User interface add-on for SAP NetWeaver. It requires the ICF nodes that provide access to the web resources.
If you are using an Embedded Deplyment of Fiori, you can use the task SAP_GW_FIORI_ERP_ONE_CLNT_SETUP.

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