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How to Install HANA Studio

HANA Studio is an important administrative and IDE tool to manage SAP HANA.

Where to get the HANA Studio Software?

You can download  HANA  studio from (requires S-user with download authorization)

Select Support Packages & Patches and Browse Download Catalog



Now traverse through the following links:

  • SAP NetWeaver and complementary products
  • Entry by Component
  • HANA Studio
Depending on your PC's operating system, choose one of the four links.


Download one of the SAR files (the revision should either match or exceed the HANA Database Server revision).


To extract the SAR file, you need SAPCAR executable.

Extract HANA Studio SAR File

Go to the folder where you downloaded  the HANA studio SAR file and SAPCAR.EXE, and run the following command

SAPCAR.EXE -xvf IMC_STUDIO2_<Revision>_<Patch>_<Material>.SAR

where IMC_STUDIO2_<Revision>_<Patch>_<Material>.SAR is the SAR file you downloaded.

The SAR file will be extracted to SAP_HANA_STUDIO folder.


Install HANA Studio

Run hdbsetup.exe file from SAP_HANA_STUDIO folder.


Choose the location where you want the HANA Studio to be installed.

Location where you want the HANA Studio to be installed

Select which features you want to use based on your role. I am installing all the features.

Select HANA Studio features

Select HANA Studio features

Depending on the features you are installing the appropriate components are installed. Running Equinox P2 Director took about 5-10 minutes on my computer.

HANA Studio installation progress

Finally you get a confirmation that the install was successful.

HANA Studio installation completion

As I chose the HANA Studio to start up after installation, I get to see the first run right away.

You will be prompted to choose the workspace used by eclipse. I tend to have all my application profiles inside one folder (for portability reasons), so I changed the default location to my preference.

HANA Studio workspace

A master password is set on the first run. If you need to recover the password at a later point, you will need to answer a few questions. At this step, define what the questions and the answers should be.

HANA Studio master password

HANA Studio master password

Now we are all set to use HANA Studio and connect it with the HANA applicance/database.

HANA Studio administrative console

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