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No More Memory for FCA

The newer NetWeaver AS JAVA systems use ICM instead of JAVA Dispatcher. The communication between ICM and J2EE server node is handled through memory pipes (MPI) instead of sockets--An architectural feature of FCA (Fast Channel Architecture).

Depending on the system throughput requirements, the default memory allocated to FCA may not always be sufficient, resulting in no more memory for FCA errors.

No More Memory for FCA

When these errors occur, the only way to free up FCA memory is a restart of J2EE engine.

To avoid these errors:
  1. Check ICM parameter settings according to SAP note 737625. icm/max_conn, mpi/total_size_MB and mpi/max_pipes are important parameters.
  2. Add the parameter icm[J2EE]/enable_icmadm = true if it is not maintained according to SAP note 1635058.
  3. Check SAP note 715400 to check the maximum number of memory pipes
  4. Increase FCAServerThreadCount Maximum Server Threads count for ICM Requests of the HTTP provider service from java NWA (NetWeaver Administrator) or from the java config tool. Note that increasing the number of FCA server threads, affects the number of available server threads that may be needed by other services/components.
FCA issues could also be because of a program error. Take JAVA thread dumps in case changing parameters does not help or you suspect this to be a bug.


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