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Invalid layout of preloaded class when starting SAP JVM

Most admins would have set up the SAP systems to get it monitored or analyzed by Solution Manager systems. Therefore the SAP JVMs are enabled with a connector to Wily Introscope. The AutoProbe Connector is compiled using the current JVM and can only be started if the JVM remains unchanged.

You cant start JVM without compiling connector and you cant compile connector without JVM

When you patch the JVM or switch from third party JVM to SAP JVM, the connector class does not load. The JVM startup fails with one of the following errors:
  • Invalid layout of java.lang.ClassLoader at uniqueId
  • fatal error: Invalid layout of preloaded class
  • Attempting to run an AutoProbe Connector with an incompatible JVM
  • Attempting to run an AutoProbe Connector with an different JVM

To get the JVM to start, remove the following VM parameters using Config Tool:




In order to get the AutoProbe Connector working again, you have to recompile the connector using the JVM you intend to use.

You can do this using SOLMAN_SETUP > "Managed Systems Setup" > "Configure Automatically"  > "Byte Code Adpater Installation"

or compile the AutoProbe connector manually by executing the following example commands

cd /usr/sap/<SID>/SMDA<Instance-ID>/SMDAgent/applications.config/*/wily/connectors

java -jar CreateAutoProbeConnector.jar -jvm /sapmnt/<SID>/exe/sapjvm_5 -output connector.jar


  1. Thanks for the post, it helped in a lot and saved my time.


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