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Extracting Multipart SAP DVDs in Unix .exe followed by .rar

Large SAP DVDs are split into multiple parts. The first part is a rar file and the next parts are .rar or .zip files.

One option is to double-click on the exe file from your windows PC, the DVD will be extracted to a folder, upload the folder to your UNIX system. The better way of doing this is extracting the files on UNIX system itself.
  1. Place all the DVD part files (.exe and .rar files in a single folder)
  2. Download the command line extractor unrar for your UNIX system.
  3. Run the unrar command against the .exe DVD part file:
    unrar x <archiv-name(exe-file)> <targetdir>
  4. As all the files are in a sequence (part1, part2 ...) all the files will be picked up and extracted.
  5. NOTE: On some system you need to execute ./unrar xvf <filename>.exe or ./unrar xvf <filename>.rar

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