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Cannot run Catalog application on SRM Portal

Alright, so you have patched or upgraded MDM and now the SRM portal users or functional consultants see the following error

Cannot run Catalog application

The issue is usually triggered because of incompatibility between MDM server and MDM Catalog management component on SRM Java.

You can check for compatibility from PAM. Search for MDM CATALOG and go to Support Pack Stacks tab.

Open the note corresponding to SPS level of SRM_MDM_CAT and search for the term is based on. This will show the compatibility between SRM_MDM_CAT and MDM Server.

SRM MDM Catalog compatibility with MDM Server

Make sure you meet this requirement.

Apart from SRM_MDM_CAT, there are two more components that are important
These components should be at the same SPS level as the MDM Server. The older SRM Java systems may not have MDM_CONNECTOR deployed, but it is mandatory to deploy this component from MDM 7.1 SP07.

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