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Copying Solution Manager Diagnostic Agent from Other Host

A strategy that I have come across is that the  Diagnostic Agent (DAA) is installed on a host is copied over across other hosts through disk copied (ex: rsync) and then individually configured (corrected actually) using the following steps:

  1. As root user, stop saposcol and saphostexec
    /usr/sap/hostctrl/exe/saposcol -k
    /usr/sap/hostctrl/exe/saphostexec -stop
  2. Logon as daaadm (or the <sid>adm with which Diagnostic Agent is configured)
  3. Connect DAA to Solution Manager (the example shows connectivity to P4 port, you can also connect via Message Server using a slightly different command)
    /usr/sap/DAA/SMDA<NN>/script/ managingconf hostname:"<FQDN of Managing Solution Manager Host" port:"<Solution Manager P4 Port>"
  4. Cleanup secure storage of the old DAA
    /usr/sap/DAA/SMDA<NN>/script/ secstorej2ee user:"SMD_ADMIN" pwd:"<password>"
  5. Start DAA (saposcol and saphostexec will be automatically started by the diagnostic agent)
  6. From Agent Administration, go to Non-Authenticated Agents tab and click on "Push Credentials
There is a mass installer / unattended mode of installation option available. Read SAP note 1833501.

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