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How to unlock a locked SAP HANA user?

HANA Studio offers a secure  storage to store the user credentials and use those to connect with HANA database. If you change the user credentials, you must remember to update those in HANA studio as well.

If the studio still uses the old logon data even after you changed the password, you may see the user locked due to  multiple failed logon attempts.

Unlock locked HANA users

To check if user is deactivated or how many invalid logons s/he has use the following SQL:

If the user was locked/deactivated for other reasons (e.g. directly by a user admin), you may need to reset the password:
alter user <username> password <password>;

Update password in HANA studio

To reset the number of failed attempts recorded, you can use the following SQL:
alter user <username> DROP CONNECT ATTEMPTS;

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