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How to Automate SLD Log Cleanup

Changes to SAP SLD are logged into the table BC_SLD_CHANGELOG. To prevent the growth of this log table, you can schedule a job from SLD UI

  1. Navigate to http://<host>:<port>/sld > Administration > Changes > Cleanup Task Configuration
  2. Select the "Schedule Task" button to trigger a Configuration Wizard
    • Enter a value for Repeat Interval (frequency of the job in hours)
    • Enter a value for Retention Period (entries older than this date will be deleted)

A job with name Changelog Cleanup Task will be created. This job can be monitored from Java Scheduler UI in NWA.

Note: If you have configured SLD synchronization in a circular fashion DEV > QA > PRD > DEV, the changes made on one system will cause BC_SLD_CHANGELOG to grow very fast. Break the circular SLD update and cleanup the entries from  http://<host>:<port>/sld > Administration > Change log > Reduce Size of Change Log > delete "obsolete" entries.

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