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How to Check Work Process Usage

Optimizing SAP Work Process Usage

If you have configured fewer work processes than required, the transactions will be slow. If you have maintained more than what is required, you are wasting memory, which may instead be used elsewhere.

To check if you need more work processes or have to reduce some so that the memory can be used elsewhere, call transaction AL12 --> Statistics --> Cursor cache --> All servers.

Check the work process usage. If all the work processes have almost equal or high usage, you need more work processes to be added. If you see some work processes (the higher the WP number is, the lower the number of requests that get assigned to it) with considerable low number of work processes than others, you can reduce the number.

You can also call SM50 and check the CPU allocated to the work processes (Ctrl+Shift+F6) and see if work processes are underused.

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