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PI 7.3 Messages fail with 401 error but get processed on resend

The PI system uses ABAP as the user master. This means that the user ID details and passwords are maintained in ABAP stack. When a session is created in the Java stack, the UME service connects to ABAP and checks the user details. The number of connections from Java to ABAP are limited and under heavy load, the user check may timeout causing the Java stack to interpret it as an authentication problem.

The result in PI is message process failure with a 401 error.

You have to tune your system to ensure that there are no 401 errors due to heavy load. This can be done by increasing the following parameters:
  • Max.Connections
  • Max.Wait Time in ms
Max.Connections specifies the maximum number of parallel UME connections between Java and ABAP and when call these connections are used up, Max.Wait Time determines the time a request waits to get a free connection.

You can increase/tune these values in the RFC destination UMEBackendConnection using NWA --> Configuration -> Security -> Destinations.

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