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SAP XI: Slow JDBC Service Start up

When a JDBC Reciver Channel is started, the adapter checks if it can connect to the database. If you have a lot of receiver channels that active and started, the jdbc service will take longer to do these tests. The test will be slower if the channels are not preperly configured (mostly the case with dev and quality environment). In some cases, the delays can lead to failure of startup of the JDBC adapter service due to timeout.

The connectivity to the database can be skipped by setting lazyConnection option for service (affects all the channels) or specific receiver channel(s).

JDBC Service Level:
Call the Visual Admin and navigate to the jdbc adapter service. Set the property lazyConnection to true (default is false). Don't forget to save the changes.
Receiver Channel Level:
Open the channel in edit mode and go to advanced mode options. Add a new parameter lazyConnection with value true.

If the lazyConnection is set true at the channel level it is taken as the effective value. For any other values, the Service level property is effective.

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