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Using LOB Securefile Conversion to Improve XI Performance

XI/PI stores the XML data into LOB fields in the following tables: SXMSCLUP, SXMSCLUP2, SXMSCLUR, SXMSCLUR2, XI_AF_MSG/BC_MSG. LOB data has always been a source of performance problem when performing transactions on these tables.

Oracle 11g has introduced a new way of storing LOB data to improve performance. The LOBs stored with the new approach are called SecureFile LOBs. The traditional LOBs i.e the LOBs before developing SecureFile are called as BasicFile LOBs. You can convert the above mentioned tables from BasicFile LOBs to SecureFile LOBs using BR Tools (7.2) to benefit from the options available in Oracle 11g. Check SAP note 1431296 to know more about LOB conversion using BR Tools.

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