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Slow Cluster Communication with SAP XI on AIX

High throughput and other performance reasons require you to operate the SAP XI application in a cluster environment. Cluster communication then becomes an important factor so that all the server nodes are operating in a harmonious way. If you are using AIX as the operating system, you can improve the cluster communication by tuning tcp_nodelayack. If you set this option to 1, it prompts TCP to send an immediate acknowledgement, instead of waiting for 200 ms (default delay).

Run the following commands as root user:

To check the current setting:
no -o tcp_nodelayack

To set the option temporarily:
no -o tcp_nodelayack=1

To set the option permanently:
no -p -o tcp_nodelayack=1

For more details on this parameter check IBM's documentation. Read AIX 5L Administration if looking for learning AIX basics.

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