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Locking All SAP Users Except DDIC and SAP*

You can lock an SAP system from almost all SAP users without using any special script. This method locks all users except DDIC and SAP*, so you may perform a maintenance work using these user IDs.

You can lock the users using the following command:
tp locksys <SID> pf=<tp profile>

To unlock:
tp unlocksys <SID> pf=<tp profile>

If you require more IDs to be accessible during the maintenance, the users should log in before you run the lock command as this command doesn't affect already logged in users. You can lock and unlock the users, without using tp, using SU10 or directly updating UFLAG field in the table USR02.

You can lock a client using the function module SCCR_LOCK_CLIENT from any client and unlock it using SCCR_UNLOCK_CLIENT.

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