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How to Patch SAP SDM

SDM comes bundled as SDMKIT.jar with J2EERT<SP_Number>_<Patch_level>-<Counter>.SAR file which can be downloaded from SMP.
Extact the jar file from J2EERT using the following command:

SAPCAR -xvf J2EERT<SP_Number>_<Patch_level>-<Counter>.SAR J2EE-RUNT-CD/SDM/SDMKIT.JAR

To patch SDM:
1. Go to /usr/sap/<SAPSID>/<Instance>/SDM/program directory
2. Stop SDM server by running the following command
3. Change SDM mode to standalone using the following command
./ jstartup mode=standalone
4. Copy SDMKIT.jar to a temporary folder (let us sat SDMINST)
5. Extract SDMKIT.jar using the following command
jar -xvf SDMKIT.JAR
6. Start the update script
You will be prompted to give the installation directory (give /usr/sap/<SAPSID>/<Instance>/SDM/program as input)
7. Go to /usr/sap/<SAPSID>/<Instance>/SDM/program
8. Change SDM mode to integrated using the following command
./ jstartup mode=integrated
9. Start SDM

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