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SAP GUI for iPad, iPod and iPhone

SAPPLAPP lets you use SAP GUI with Apple iPod, IPad and iPhone. Download the application from iTunes and hook up to your company's VPN. The GUI will ask for details similar to those used by SAPGUI.

SAP GUI for iPad, iPod and iPhone

The pre-requisite to using this tool is that your system must have an ITS server. ITS comes built in with WebAS 640 onwards. If you wish to connect to an older SAP system, you need to install an external ITS server in the landscape. The application is priced at $ 0.99. Here is the link to the developer's site.


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  2. hi how to ocnfigure
    sap in apple i pad can i have brief description on this.,
    my email id
    if any one can help me in this i'll be thankful for them.

    Thanks and regards


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