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Tracing HTTP Response Time of Dispatcher and SAP J2EE Server Node

You can trace the HTTP response time on dispatcher by enabling HttpTraceTime property.

Similar information can be captured on SAP J2EE server node by enabling LogResponseTime property.

These two parameters can be set in HTTP Provider service.

The trace will be written at <path to>/j2ee/cluster/server0/log/system/httpaccess/responses.<n>.trc in the following format:
[Jul 27, 2011 7:49:19 PM] - : GET / HTTP/1.1 302 0 [150] d[300] c[30132]

150 ms shown in the trace refers to the response time of the server node.
300 ms shown in the trace refers to the response time of the dispatcher.

If you want to capture additional details when the response time has crossed a certain threshold, you can set TraceResponseTimeAbove parameter in HTTP Provider service. A negative value for this parameter will have no effect. Additional trace will be written in the default trace file when the response time is >= property's value and HttpProvider service is set to DEBUG.

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