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J2EE Server Node in Starting Applications Status for Long Time

If you ever found the J2EE server node spending unusually long time in Starting Applications status, you may have tried to look into trace files and have found nothing really useful. In order to determine which application is taking long time, you may use telnet tool.

1. Call the telnet tool
telnet <host name> <telnet port 5NN08>
2. Login as j2ee_admin (dual stack) or Administrator (java stack)
3. List the cluster nodes
4. Jump to a server node
jump <ID>
5. Go to deploy service
add deploy
6. List all the applications that are currently starting
list_app | grep starting

Repeat step 6 until you can see that a particular application keeps showing up in starting status.

You now have the application that is taking time to start.

Take 3-4 java thread dumps (stack trace) with an interval of 30 secs using jcmon. Analysis of these thread dumps with special focus on the application that is in starting status can help you (or SAP support) identify the issue.

Finally, check the locking adapter to see if there are any hanging locks that may be causing the application to hang in that status.

Usually, when you have multiple server nodes, restarting one of the server nodes speeds up the startup of other server nodes.


  1. Hello oracle ebs,
    Thanks for feedback, but removing locks or taking stack trace doesn't speed up j2ee engine.

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