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Maximum Number of User Connections Allowed in SAP J2EE Engine

The maximum number of users that can parallely connect to the J2EE engine via dispatcher is a function of the dispatcher's heap size. Execute the following commands in the telnet tool to check how many user connections are allowed at maximum for the configure heap size:
add debug
debugmanager ConnectionsManipulator
The value displayed against the property maxPossibleParallelUsers is the limit.

You can restrict the maximum possible parallel user connections to a value less than the one shown above.

  1. Call the Visual Administrator
  2. Go to Dispatcher --> Kernel --> Connections Manipulator --> Properties tab
  3. Edit the values MaxParallelUsers from 0 to a values less than maxPossibleParallelUsers.
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This guide is authored by Dr. Thomas Schneider, who has been working in Global Service & Support at SAP AG since 1996. Since 2004, he has been working in the Research & Breakthrough Innovation department, with a focus on processes and methodologies in IT Service and Application Management.

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