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Script to Email the Database Backup Status

Database backup is very important for its recovery from a crash. The administrator has to ensure that a backup is taken regularly. Here is a shell script to check and report the status of the backup via an email.


. ~/.profile

# -------- Set variables per your requirement ---------

# -----------------------------------------------------

# Check for backup log file

if [ -f /oracle/${SID}/sapbackup/back${SID}.log ]

# extract date information

print The previous backup was attempted on `tail -1 /oracle/${SID}/sapbackup/back${SID}.log | awk '{print $3}'` > $MAILSEND

# extract return code information

rc=`tail -1 /oracle/${SID}/sapbackup/back${SID}.log | awk '{print $7}'`

# check if backup is currently active

if [ ` ps -eaf | grep ${SID} | grep brbackup |wc -l` -gt 0 ]

# decode return codes

case $rc in
0) print The backup was successful >> $MAILSEND ;;
1) print The backup ended with warnings. All files were backed up. >> $MAILSEND ;;
2) print The backup was terminated in the initialization phase by a user or other signal. >> $MAILSEND ;;
3) print Errors occurred in the initialization phase. The backup was not started. >> $MAILSEND ;;
4) print The backup was terminated during processing by a user or other signal. >> $MAILSEND ;;
5) print The backup was started but not finished, because of errors during processing. >> $MAILSEND ;;
6) print The backup ended due to an internal termination. >> $MAILSEND ;;
7) print The backup is active. >> $MAILSEND ;;
*) print The return code of the backup could not be understood. >> $MAILSEND ;;


# if the backup log is not available

print Details of backup are not available >> $MAILSEND

# send email

mail -s "Backup status of ${SID}" ${mail_recipient} < $MAILSEND
exit 0

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  1. Are their any recommended sql command backup script using the standard Oracle database backup and recovery tools?


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