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Frequently used AIX commands by Basis admin

Frequently used AIX commands by Basis admin

nslookuphostname from ip address
:%s/XID/XIQ/gsearch and replace in vi editor
uname -aOS Level
ps -mp -o THREAD Thread level details of jlaunch process
topasReports selected local system statistics.
df -IgDisplay used, free and available space in absolutes
lsps -aChecking Swap Space
lscfg -v | grep procNumber of processors
netstat -anTo view the details of ports in use
find / -name "filename.ext" -type f -printFind matching file names
find . -name "file_name" -print -exec grep -l "pattern" {} \;Search for a pattern in all files with a given name and display the ones that match
ps -fp Process details by PID
find . -mtime -7 -type f -size +2000KFind file modified in a week and larger than 2 MB
bootinfo -K64/32 bit os
cp -ppreserves the modification time
prtconf | moreprint system info
ln -s file linksoft link

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