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Avoid XI Message Failures and 503 Errors on Node Restart

XI messages fail when there are unplanned J2EE server node restarts. You can reduce the number of such failed messages by delaying the start up of JCo RFC provider to start after the applications are up.

WaitForAppsStart property has to be set on JCo RFC Provider service to use this feature. You can change this proprty using Config Tool --> services --> rfcengine. You may have to create the property if it is not already existing and set it to true.

Check SAP Note 1444430 to confirm if this property is supported at the SP level you are running the XI application on.

The HTTP service is delayed automatically to start after the node is at Running status for releases 7.1 and above. If you are using a release lower than 7.1, you can configure the delay manually with the property DelayedServerNodeRegistration of the HTTP Provider Service on the Dispatcher.

Be aware that delaying HTTP service may cause SLD registration problems, which need to be dealt with manually. Please refer SAP Note 1031321.

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