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Web Diagtool for Troubleshooting

SAP has provided Web Diagtool that lets you set trace levels on a few locations and collect the information as zip file. It is much convinient to use diagtool compared to log configurator when the problem can be reproduced on demand.

Once you have deployed the sda file attached to SAP Note 1045019, you can call the diagtool using http://<host>:<port>/diagtool

1. Open http://<host>:<port>/diagtool
2. Select "All" for "Component"
3. Using the "Search Pattern", add the location on which you would like to collect the trace
4. Press Start.
5. Reproduce the problem
6. Press Stop, when the error occurs.
7. The trace is presented as html. You can also downalod the trace as a zip file.

- You may have to increase "Maximum number of collected records" property if you wish to run the tool for a long duration.
- Before starting the diagtool, make sure you are ready to reproduce the problem.

The following notes give scenario specific instructions for using diagtool:
Note 1170359 - Tracing the deploy proxy
Note 823294 - Debugging XML Signature and Encryption Problems
Note 1514898 - Diagtool for troubleshooting XI
Note 1019634 - Troubleshooting SSL problems
Note 1227928 - Diagtool for troubleshooting NWDI (detailed logs)

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