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SAPOSCOL Doesn't Start

If you see "The OS Collector <PID> is already running" while trying to start it and there is no process running with the ID, it is possible that there is a shared memory segment to while saposcol is unable to attach to.

To ensure that there is no other saposcol running, execute the following commands:
saposcol -k
cleanipc 99 remove

If saposcol still doesn't start after this, note down all the process IDs that are attached to segment 0x00004dbe:
ipcs -ma | grep 4dbe

Check if there are any processes active. There must be atleast one (which is preventing startup of saposcol):
ps -eaf | grep <PID>

Kill the process. It should be a work process or ccmsr process.

Note down the shared memory ID (second column):
ipcs -ma | grep 4dbe

Remove the shared segment:
ipcrm -m <ID>

saposcol should start now.

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