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Installing Eclipse Memory Analyser Tool for Heap Dump Analysis

Following are instructions to install the Eclipse Memory Analyzer Tool for java heap dump analysis

Download required files to install Memory Analyzer

1. Download Memory Analyzer from 40 MB)
2. Download the Memory Analyzer Extension Pack zipped update site from (~ 1 MB)
3. If analysing .phd files, download IBM's Diagnostic Tool Framework for Java zipped update site from (~ 2 MB)

Files required for MAT to install MAT

Configure Memory Analyser properties

Extract Memory Analyser zip file and open MemoryAnalyzer.ini. Change -Xmx1024m to a value to reflect the amount of free memory in your PC.

Double-click on MemoryAnalyzer.exe to start Memory Analyser Tool

Memory Analyser Tool

Install IBM DTFJ and SAP NW extensions

1. Go to Help --> Software Updates --> Find and Install

Memory Analyser Tool Extensions

2. Select Search for new features to install and click Next

Memory Analyser Tool Extensions Installation

3. Click on New Archived Sites and browse to

Memory Analyser Tool Extensions Installation

SAP NW Extensions for MAT

4. Similarly select and click Next

IBM DTFJ Extensions for MAT

5. Read and accept the license agreements and click Next

6. Click Finish to install the extensions

Extensions on MAT

7. Click Install All to ignore the warning

Extensions on MAT

8. Restart Memory Analyser to reflect changes.

Restart MAT after installing extensions
Leak Suspects analysed on a sample .hprof heap dump:

Leak suspects using Memory Analyser Tool

Other Tools for Heap Dump Analysis:

Heap Analyzer Tool (HAT):

More Resources

SDN Forum: Memory Analyzer
Java Developer's Guide to Eclipse
How to use SAP Heap Dump Analyzer


  1. A++ document!! Helped me greatly folks, thanks!

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    Good to know you have found this post useful. Thanks for your feedback.

  3. Excellent Article!!! . Keep up the great work.

  4. thank you very is really help full.

  5. Thanks,
    It worked only for earlier version of EMA i.e.Memory Analyzer 1.0.0 Release, not later

    1. Trying out MAT 1.3. Let's see what's not working.

    2. I have tried MAT 1.3 out. There are changes in the menu options. For "Install IBM DTFJ and SAP NW extensions" sub-section, you have to use Help > Install New Software to deploy those plugins.

  6. thanks for explaining steps to install MAT

    1. Great page, helped a lot.. thanks


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