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Unable to Delete Old Certificate Entries from Key Storage

If deletion of an old/unused certificate from TrustedCAs errors out saying "Entry [cert_name] from view [TrustedCAs] is not deleted - respective security resource was not deleted":

1. Export the TrustedCAs view to Filesystem(*.view file) and import it back as a test view (Ex: TrustedTest).
2. Delete the old/unused entries from the new view(TrustedTest).
3. Export the new view(TrustedTest) to Filesystem(*.view file).
4. Delete the view TrustedCAs and restart the application.
5. During the restart the "TrustedCAs" view will be recreated and the default certificates will also be regenerated.
6. Import the file that was created in step 3.

If the certificates deletion problem is with a custom view follow steps 1, 2, 3 and delete the custom view. Create the view with same name again and reimport the view file created in step 3.

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