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Basic differences between as-a-service options

Companies tend to avoid maintaining hardware and software by signing up with vendors for using them as a service. X amount of hardware or software capacity used for y amount of time is what companies look for.

Basic differences between as-a-service options

The following as-a-service options are popularly available to help companies that look for consuming software and hardware rather than maintaining them:
  • Infrastructure as a Service - IaaS - provides you with the actual hardware and firmware, but lets you decide what goes on top.
  • Platform as a Service - PaaS - provides you with IaaS, as well as a general runtime (OS, programming language environments, databases etc).
  • Software as a Service - SaaS - provides you with PaaS, but also includes the software you want to run (anything from email to accounting); all you have to do is provide the data.

So why did I start this blog with a picture of pizza?

There is a Pizza as a Service analogy floating around trying to explain this concept with an entertainment values. Here it is:

Pizza as a Service

Unfortunately this analogy still fails to explain the terminology. It is a decent analogy, but I can hardly see a connection between pizza dough and servers. And the difference between IaaS and PaaS is really ambiguous in this example.

It doesn't really need to be related to dining out or take and bake, it just constrains the message. Maybe better:

Pizza as a Service analogy  - take 2

Now I am hungry :(

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