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iOS Apps for the IT crowd

Here  are some apps for the IT people who spend time planning, implementing, supporting, losing sleep and losing their work-life balance.

Balanced - Get more out of life

Balanced is a motivational/productivity app that prioritizes and even suggests activities.

The interface is beautiful. Very helpful app if you need reminders to do things that you plan to do. A lot of the options seem similar to Demetri Martin's "If I" special where he did a personal goal sheet.

the entire idea of balancing my life with helpful reminders is right up my alley  Balanced is a motivational/productivity app that prioritizes and even suggests activities.

The App is currently available for free on App Store (used to be $1.99).

If you like this, I recommend 30/30 (free) to chop up the tasks you chose to take on. You can use a technique like the pomodoro technique or set your own multiple timers with it.

Duet Display - Turn your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch into additional display

Duet increases your personal productivity by extending your computer screen (Mac and Windows) to your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.

Duet Turn your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch into additional display   

Duet requires a cable to be connected. If you are looking for a wireless option you may try iDisplay ($9.99). However, Duet beats iDisplay in speed and usage. I haven't used it yet, but Air Display 3 ($14.99) also comes highly recommended.

At the moment Duet is priced at $15.99. It is also occasionally on sale (I got it for $10)

Microsoft Remote Desktop - Remotely connect to your PC

MRD allows you to connect to your windows desktop or windows server remotely and securely.

Microsoft Remote Desktop

The best place to find the resources you are already familiar with is your PC. Connect remotely to access your PC.

FAQ about this app is available here.

Check out Jump Desktop ($ 14.99) and Citrix Receiver (Free) if MRD does not help you.

This app is available for free.

Fing - Network Scanner

Fing is an amazing network discovery tool that does DNS lookups, traceroutes, and port scans. Even does WOL which is fun at home.

Network scanner app  Free Network scanner app - Fing

This app is available for free and lot better than most paid ones.

RSA SecurID - Ditch the keyfob

With RSA SecurID, get the token on your phone instead of having to carry the keyfob. Makes it lot more convenient.


This app is free.

LastPass - Password Vault

LastPass is a godsend for all those passwords you don't remember. Syncs with other devices and desktops/laptops.

LastPass - Password Vault  LastPass - Password Vault

A free app.

Calendars 5 - Event and Task Manager

Calendar 5 is my current calendar app. I've tried Fantastical ($4.99), Sunrise (Free), Cal (Free), and more. My favorite aspect about this app is the UI, particularly the Week view.

Calendars 5 - Event and Task Manager  Calendars 5 - Event and Task Manager

It's the most useful digestible Week view that I've found--you can view your whole week at once and if you don't have too many events each day you can literally see everything. I also like the natural language event input and the universal app for iPad.

One more thing I like about Calendars 5 and Fantastical is the integration with iOS Reminders. You can add and edit reminders within these calendar apps, and they sync with the Reminders app in OS X.

It allows you to sync google calendars with your phone. And you can hide and show ones from your account whether or not you own the calendar (Apple Calendar doesn't let you do this). Tap the "menu" button on the top right corner which enables you to change between day, week, and month views. Then tap the "31" calendar icon in the top right corner.

The app is currently priced at $ 6.99 on App Store. I got it for free last year.

If you have an app recommendations or better alternatives for IT folks, leave a comment. You can watch for price drops and apps gone free on App Store.


  1. I use Duet Display. Works flawlessly on Mac. No lag. No crashes. But It messed up my Windows 7.


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