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Microsoft to Support Secure Shell (SSH)

Good news from Microsoft PowerShell Team! Microsoft will be supporting SSH on Windows. The solution is in the planning stages and the date of availability is not known yet. If I am reading the announcement from the PowerShell team right,  you can SSH into a Windows box from *nix and vice-versa. Hopefully key based authentication using PuTTY will be possible as well.

Microsoft to Support Secure Shell (SSH)

In case you can't wait, there are third party solutions available right now, such as PowerShell Server, that support SSH and SFTP in to Windows.

Windows 10  has already brought in "drag to select text", ctrl-c and ctrl-v to the command prompt; and now this announcement! I hope this also means SFTP and SSHFS support. Then we could finally say goodbye to SMB!

This is a really helpful support to system admins from Microsoft!

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