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No Exchange Profile in a JAVA-Only PI System

In a JAVA-only PI system (AEX or PO), the exchange profile URL http://<server>:<port>/exchangeProfile will be a blank screen as it is obsolete.

No Exchange Profile in a JAVA-Only PI System

If you want to add/modify an exchange profile parameter, you have to do it from NWA using the following steps:
  1. Go to http://<server>:<port>/nwa/sys-config (http://<server>:<port>/nwa > Configuration > Infrastructure > Java System Properties)
  2. Choose Services tab
  3. Search for "XPI Service: AII Config Service" and select it
  4. In Properties tab, search for the property to be changed or added. If the property exists, select the property, click on Modify, perform the changes and click on Save. If the property does not exist, click on Add, inform the value and click on Save.

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