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How to Clear RFC Function Module Metadata in SAP PI

The RFC Adapter in SAP PI stores all the metadata of the function modules. This means it caches the definition of function modules, structures and other datatypes. This cache is filled when the Communication Channel processes its first messages after the system restart, and pins the metadata so that the subsequent messages need not fetch the metadata again. Having the metadata readily available at runtime improves the message processing speed.

If the function module is changed in the Sender or Receiver system, its metadata has to be updated in the RFC Adapter's metadata repository. This can be done by:

  1. Changing the Communication Channel in Integration Builder, so that a cache update on the entire channel is triggered (which includes removing the old metadata)
  2. Restarting the RFC Adapter service
  3. Restarting the J2EE Engine(s)

All the above three steps will clear the metadata and it is fetched when a new message is processed by the Communication Channel.

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