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iPad Apps and Accessories - Browsers

  • Safari: The default browser. Loads faster in comparison to other browsers because Apple doesn't allow other browsers to use the Nitrous booster.
  • Chrome: Solid featues. In case your prefered browser on desktop is Chrome, you can get to to sync with the desktop browser.
  • iCab Mobile: I like this one for all the extensions and ease of downloading any content I come across. It has fullscreen options, multitouch gestures, addon widgets, etc.
  • Sleipnir: It works fantastically with my browsing habits. A long hold on a link opens a background tab, drawing an L closes the current tab, and four finger swipe lets you shift between open tabs. Close to iCab and free!
  • Atomic Browser: Private browsing, change font size, identify browser as mobile safari, safari desktop, firefox, or Internet explorer 6,7, or 8. You can change the screen brightness from the browser, multi tab, ad blocking, configurable multitouch gestures and many other things.

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