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Cache issues when PI is connected to older SLD

If an SAP PI 7.1 or newer release system is connected to SLD 7.0, the cache update may fail with the following error; Unable to find the SLD element (SAP_BusinessSystem, [CreationClassName, SAP_BusinessSystem, string, Name, SID_NNN, string])

The error occurs as the wizard to create a new business system in the SLD 7.0 does not create enough information for proper functionality of the PI Integration Directory. An association to HTTP Service Port required by cache refresh for notifying AS ABAP about changes in the configuration is not created.

To fix this problem, create missing information in SLD by following these steps:

  1. Call the SLD URL in a browser: http://host:port/sld > Administration > Content Maintenance
  2. Select Subset: All With Instances; Class: HTTP Service Port
  3. Click on 'New HTTP Service Port'
  4. Fill following fields:
    • CreationClassName: SAP_HTTPServicePort
    • Name: <SID>_<CLIENT>
    • SystemCreationClassName: SAP_BCApplicationServer
    • SystemName: <SID>
    • Caption: Http Service Port for <SID>_<CLIENT>
    • URL: http://<host>:<port>
  5. Click 'Save'
  6. Select another Class to browse: Business System
  7. Click on the required Business System, i.e. on SID_NNN
  8. Click on "X Associated Instances"
  9. Click on 'New Association'
  10. Select Association Type: Business System HTTP Service Port
  11. Select just created http port (i.e. SID_NNN)
  12. Click 'Associate'
  13. Now go to Integration Directory and clear SLD Cache : Menu-> Environment-> Clear SLD Data Cache.
  14. Goto Menu->Environment->Cache Status Overview and repeat all failed cache refresh events for the required ABAP backend.

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