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Configure Single Signon on Service Market Place using SAP Passport

SAP Service Marketplace is served by a cluster of servers and while you are browsing through the portal, you might switch to different server. With each time you will be prompted to authenticate yourself. If you want to type in your S-User ID and password each time, you can configure Single Sign-on using SAP Passport (client-certificate that authenticates you) by following these steps:

  1. Login to and click on "Maintain my Single Sign-On Certificate"

    Maintain my Single Sign-On Certificate
  2. Enter your S-User ID password and click on "Apply for SAP Passport"

    Apply for SAP Passport
  3. Private certificates will be installed in your browser trust store

    SAP Passport installed
  4. Restart your browser and the next the you call SMP you will be able to authenticate using the client certificate.

    SSO in action

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