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Monitoring response time of a transaction code or a client using CCMS

There are always those important transactions that business users execute on a regular basis and cannot accept it to take too much time. One of the important aspects of addressing bad response on a transaction code is to be able to measure and alert if the response time is tending to increase. If you get an alert you might be able to check the reason for slowness before a widespread impact on business occurs.

  1. Log on to your CCMS system
  2. Call transaction SE16 and give the table name ALTRAMONI

    how to define alert on tcode respose time
  3. If you want to set alert on the response time of the entire client, you have to set TCODE as * and MON_CLIENT as the client number (for example 100 if the business client is 100)
  4. If you want to set alert on the response time of the transaction MIRO on client 100, set TCODE as MIRO and MON_CLIENT as 100.
  5. Set MO_NAME to aptly describe what the alert is about. Ex: "Avg response time on txn MIRO on 100 client"
  6. Set MTECLASS as you see fit. Ex: "MIRO100RESP"
  8. Save the changes.

You will now see this addition in RZ20, under the monitor set "SAP CCMS Monitors for Optional Components". You can now define threshold values and auto-reaction methods as per your requirement.

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