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Massive Open Online Courses - openSAP

SAP is offering online classes keeping students and general IT professionals in mind. The course delivery is a bit different from the regular self-paced online training you would find. The courses brings in the deadlines, assignments, grading system of traditional classroom courses to online training. Each course is designed to take 90 minutes/week and then combined with assignments, self study goes up to 4-5 hours a week. You get to discuss the course with other participants and  the instructor on the study forum. The participants are expected to complete their assignments on time :). However, this is not an obligation. You are also allowed to take the course of your own time as well, but the ability to communicate with other participants or instructor is limited.

These courses are created using openHPI.

Currently the following courses are available and are expected to increase:
Warm-Up: In-Memory Data Management by Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Müller
Introduction to Software Development on SAP HANA by Thomas Jung

For more information, read the FAQ at

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